Below are some of our products which we have delivered to our customers and which we are using to automate our activities and even to generate revenue.

  1. Securi-TMS (Securi Tenant Management system): is a web based application used to manage renting task of building offices. It monitors vacant and occupied offices, payment management, tenant queuing, utility management, transaction management and variety reporting.
  2. Securi-Payroll: is a robust HR with payroll system that automates tasks of Human resource and Payroll of businesses and organizations. We have deployed Securi-Payroll for three client companies and earned great acknowledgement for our product.
  3. Addis Coupon: the first and sole automated discount coupons provider in Ethiopia. We have developed and implemented Addis Coupon on our production environment by partnering with more than 41 businesses to sell their services and products through our automated coupon services.
  4. Addis Review: is another product to developed and deployed on our production environment. Addis Review is a user based business review site helping consumers to share their experiences on their day to day life with businesses.
  5. Print tracking and management system: is again a web based application that automates the hassling tasks of printing presses with a very easy to use and professionally appealing graphical presentation.
  6. Securi-POS: is an up-coming POINT OF SALE (POS) with better performance, feature and user friendly-ness of the existing system already in market. This product is mainly developed with the concern of filling the gap between the businesses demand the product in market.


  1. Securi-ERP
  2. Securi-Anti Malware
  3. Securi-Cash register machine

and more…